How to Build Your Best Private Blog Network

build private blog network

Just what is PBN or Private Blog Network? PBN stands for Private Blog Network. It’s really simple. Blog Networks work because they allow you to get a blog setup and hosted with them, but you have to pay for everything that comes with that blog such as ads, content, monitoring, and more.PBNs can sometimes be difficult and confusing to set up for a beginner, or even a seasoned web marketer. There are so many moving parts to a PBN including the domain name and a few other things which are paid for by advertisers. In this article, we will cover the basics of Private Blog Networks and how they work. Then hopefully you will be able to decide if you need a private blog network for yourself, or maybe you should start one for your clients.

The first thing you should know about private blog networks is that there are no real guidelines. The truth is there is not even any real rules that webmasters have to follow. That’s why it’s so amazing that there are so many people making money with blog networks. However, the fact remains that there are some rules that webmasters need to follow to better the chances of their blogs getting high rankings. Here are the two most important guidelines that every PBN should always follow:

unnatural link-building tactics & methods: All of the major search engines such as Google and Yahoo give bloggers a lot of weight when it comes to ranking their sites. In a PBN you are allowed to have some unnatural link-building tactics and methods in order to improve your rankings. But all of these unnatural methods will be frowned upon by the major search engines so you may find it hard to get those natural rankings you want.

Anchor text: All of the major PBN’s will look at the anchor text you include within your posts. This is what search engines will use to determine what your site is about. If you want to get your blog ranked highly then you should make sure that your anchor text contains relevant keywords. But you also want to make sure that the anchor text does not have any unnatural keywords like backlinks. The last thing you want is for your site to end up banned from the public blog networks. You should stick closely to the wording of the guidelines laid out by each network.

Link Building Tactic: The last thing you should know about using private blog networks is that you should not build too many links using anchor text. The search engines will not approve linking to your main website, your niche or your products within the links you create within the links you submit to the public networks. Instead they will focus on the quality of your content. If you want to rank highly in the major search engines then you must ensure that all of your content is relevant and of high quality. If your content is not of a high quality then it will be difficult for you to rank well in the private networks.

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