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The Best Types of SEO Web Hosting

The question of who provides the best SEO web hosting service is one that is often asked in forums and on review sites and even among those who are selling products online. In truth, there are many options out there, and it can be difficult to sort through them to find a provider that offers the very best value. However, we can narrow down the field somewhat by looking at the features that most SEO web hosting providers offer.

Easy Blog Networks SEO Web Hosting Review

Here is one Kind of unique SEO web hosting service that is mainly useful to the SEO Experts and Agencies that are competing in highly competitive niches, therefore, require a large amount of resources that need to be automated as much as possible, in a cost-effective manner.

Easy Blog Networks solved this problem quite a bit.

PBN Building on Steroids

When you do SEO, there are various different strategies coming under this category. One of the popular SEO strategies requires you to find and purchase the pre-powered domains at domain auctions, and then re-built and re-use them for your benefit, which is the backlink power. These domains are generally called Private Blog Networks and they can be pretty powerful even though some experts in the SEO industry have claimed that PBN strategy is no longer working, it’s a bit false.

Sloppy PBN building strategy doesn’t work but does it the right way and it’s still a good way to improve your website’s SEO.

Now, in order to create one PBN you must sign up for some decent web hosting package, connect your domain, and publish the content. This must be done for each pbn separately and each time you must use unique/different web hosting company to eliminate the footprints. So if you need 50 PBNs you have to purchase 50 different web hosting accounts with 50 different companies. If the average cost per year per account is $50, it’s $2600 per year just to host 50 PBNs which is merely enough PBNs for medium competition niches.

EBN offers the fully automated process of web hosting account creation and blog deployment with unique IP address by a click of a button for cheaper prices.

For $2400 per year, you can host 100 PBNs under one dashboard.

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What Makes a Good Web Hosting Provider?

There are several main types of web hosting services out there, and most people will agree that many of them specialize in one or two main types of services. At face value, however, it is difficult to identify good SEO hosts until you actually purchased their package and checked over some time whether your site improves on the rankings. That said, there are a few main types of web hosting that most hosts offer, and here they are:

Shared Hosting – This type of web hosting offers space on a server shared amongst a handful of different clients. Generally, each of the clients has its own primary URL that it uses for internal purposes, and no one else’s site will appear in their cache or result in traffic to their sites. Although this arrangement does limit the amount of traffic that can be caused to a site, it does not interfere with another user’s ranking. Additionally, this kind of hosting company rarely provides any form of analytics either, so it is hard to tell whether or not other users are getting targeted traffic based on the internal main keywords that the primary domain name represents. Although this type of hosting company tends to be inexpensive and is often used by smaller companies that cannot afford or need to spend a lot of money on an in-house SEO host, the lack of features and services often makes it preferable to use reseller or virtual server hosts.

Reseller SEO Hosting – This kind of SEO hosting service is provided by a number of different resellers who pool their servers with each other to create a “bundle” of IP addresses that act as part of an entire reseller network. The primary IP address is held by the main search engine host, and all of the other IP addresses within the bundle are owned by the reseller host. They do not hold the primary IP, which is reserved solely for their own use. Therefore, a large number of them will be able to effectively control the internal processes that each SEO service does, while only needing to pay for the bandwidth that they allocate to each keyword. Since most of these SEO packages are offered at lower prices than the more expensive dedicated SEO packages, they can be extremely cost-effective for new companies that may not have the resources to invest in a full-scale SEO campaign yet. Additionally, the lower initial investment allows more clients to be accommodated within the larger, more expensive SEO network.

VPS Plans – A lot of the new hosting packages that are available today include a feature known as “shared plans,” which allows clients to benefit from both lower price and a larger selection of services. In addition to a primary IP address, shared plans also come with a secondary IP address, which is held by several other clients on the same server. When the primary siteground’s IP address changes, the other sites will also adjust their settings to reflect this change, and visitors will no longer be affected by the original site ground settings. Shared plans are ideal when dealing with multiple sites and can often be used for a test campaign to determine the best optimization strategy.

Dedicated Servers – This type of SEO hosting includes one server dedicated to each client. Although this means that each site receives its own IP address, it is significantly faster than using the other two types. There is also no need to share an IP address, which can be a significant advantage in some cases. The downside is that the sites are not able to benefit from increased page loading speed or reduced spamming.

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